A Call to Friends (Part III)

The Climb Up (Part I)

At the Top (Part II)

Coming Down… with a Living Heart

While Friends at the Gathering of Friendly Mystics had been clear to move forward relative to the leading, I was still needing some reassurance. While one part of me was clear, I discovered that the less secure parts of me were not. I was thinking, “It’s just too perfect!” I could see how other things that I had done and were important to me were in line with it, but I feared that a leading that seemed so well designed had somehow been made by me rather than for me. I worried that it was ego driven rather than created by God.

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A Call to Friends (Part I)

During the First Annual Gathering of Friendly Mystics, I heard that we were being called to “name the spiritual condition of the world.” Mariellen later encouraged me to share the story of that leading. Given that the story is somewhat long, I have split it into parts and removed some of the less relevant and most personal details.

As I sat down to write this story, an image-feeling came to me; it was of energy radiating from a center. I realized that it was a representation of the calling — of the inward experience that led up to, composed, and followed it. Then I realized, from the side view, that the image of radiating energy looked like a mountain. So I will share the story as it happened chronologically but urge you to keep in mind that inwardly it was like climbing a mountain.

The Climb Up

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