The Third Gathering

Touching God Together: The Third Annual Gathering of Friendly Mystics

June 12-17, 2015

The Conference Center at Quaker Hill, Richmond, Indiana

Building on the deep and joyful sharing we experienced in the first two gatherings, we invite Friends to join us in fellowship, worship and expectant waiting. The first two days will be a retreat led by Elaine Emily.

The following two days we will respond to developing leadings that have arisen in the first two gatherings. For those who choose to stay, this work will be grounded in worship and worship sharing.

Our sense of purpose for our time together is reflected in the following queries:

  • Have you experienced a sense of God’s presence and power?
  • Have you been filled with a sense of love for all people or a sense of oneness with all creation?
  • Do you long to know others in that which is Eternal?
  • Are you spiritually fed by sharing stories with others whose lives have been changed by God’s presence?
  • Do you seek God’s guidance to live a Spirit-filled life?
  • Do you feel led to work with others to discern God’s call to our contemporary lives?

For more information, contact Mike Resman:
WCTS c/o Michael Resman
815 9th St SW, Rochester MN 55902


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