from George McPherson

by Mariellen Gilpin
Chris Jocius presented me yesterday with a booklet containing our late Friend George’s State of Society reports for Rolla Meeting, which had an attendance of 7 or 8, over the years. This is the conclusion of the one he wrote for ILYM in 1977. (The first evidence of Rolla Meeting even existing was in 1975):
This meeting has had an important influence on every person who has attended with any regularity. Not that every meeting has been a thrilling spiritual experience. But  it has been enlightening to see the Spirit that was in Jesus quietly at work in receptive hearts and minds. The spirit of Christ is its own best evangelist.
The late George McPherson wrote the State of Society report for Friends’ Meeting of Rolla, Missouri – Preparative to Illinois Yearly Meeting in 1977. Reprinted in Friends’ Meeting of Rolla (MO): A Collection of States of Society 1975-2012, written by George McPherson, Jr.

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