Follow Me…

In November, I will begin posting on a new blog. I invite you to visit Naming Spirit: Capturing Eternity in Motion and then to follow it if you like what you see.

This change comes as a result of conversation with the other editors of What Canst Thou Say? (WCTS). We had previously thought that the leading that I had heard at the first gathering of Friendly Mystics was for its participants and upcoming gatherings. While preparing  for a recent meeting, I discerned that the leading had come through that gathering but was not for it.

In order to avoid confusion in the future, we decided that this blog, now Quaker Mystics:  Gathering for Discernment of God’s Guidance will be devoted to WCTS’s gatherings, while my new blog will focus on the leading to name the spiritual condition of the world.

Visit Naming Spirit. I look forward to seeing you there.