I contributed to these blogs primarily to help prepare participants for our second gathering of Quaker mystics. Knowing that a blog is a very public forum, I hoped to contribute in the wider world to supporting individual’s spirituality.
During our gathering, someone said, “It’s time to heal.” Someone else asked, “How do you spell that?” and many laughed. My mind jumped to the spelling ‘heel’.
For years, I strived to be God’s faithful dog – coming when God said come, sitting when told to sit, and heeling when commanded. Obedience has been one of the touchstones of my spiritual life.
I began writing when told to do so, and now understand that I should not write. Paradoxically, I have four spiritual children’s books in various stages of production and a spiritual autobiography that I’m supposed to shepherd to completion.
I will obey, and this will be my last blog – unless I’m again led to participate.
God Bless,

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About Michael Resman

I'm a retired pediatric Occupational Therapist. I now write books and serve as Clerk of the Rochester MN Monthly Meeting. I've helped helped edit WCTS and serve as the organizer for our gatherings. Since July 5th, I'm a grandpa!

2 thoughts on “Obedience

  1. It’s been an unusually barren time for me as well, and it hasn’t been easy for me to find an explanation.

    am however sure that I need to let go of my ‘Job To Do’ attitude towards sacred writing; the fact that it is a sacred task means that I can’t measure it out by quotas, should not worry or complain simply because I’m having an off-season. I hope we’ll both soon understand when we “should” write further!

  2. Your blog will be missed Mike but so glad to know you will still be writing and inspiring us with your insights along our spiritual paths. Be well.

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