God is Already Here

Jesus revealed to the people, with stories the Romans couldn’t understand,
The empire of God is already here.
He was crucified.

Using rhetoric to defy convention, Paul challenged Gentile Jews,
Trust like the Anointed did; neither circumcision nor patronage ensures God’s favor.
He was martyred.

Early Friends, disillusioned by hireling ministers and the state church, preached in Spirit,
God’s seed is within, not found in a building or a book.
They were robbed, beaten, and jailed.

Drawn by compassion and a desire for communion, John Woolman worshiped with Native people;
He had sensed that “were measurably acquainted with that divine Power which subjects the… Will of the Creature.” (The Journal of John Woolman, Chapter 8, p. 140)
He came home safe.

Crazy Horse fought so his people might continue to live with the land.
He was protected in battle by going “into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things.” (Black Elk Speaks, p. 143)
Outside of combat, he was stabbed in the back by a U.S. soldier and died.

Talking and walking for black and poor people, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., demonstrated that all people contain the image of God.
“I bring you special greetings from the fifty thousand Negroes… who decided that love is a basic principle of the universe.” (“A Realistic Look at the Question of Progress in the Area of Race Relations,” April 10, 1957)
His house was bombed. Later, he was shot and killed.

Because my brother was in prison, I went to the Hamilton County Justice Center to worship;
The first time I went, a voice told me that I was in the House of God.
Every time I’ve gone back, Christ has met me there.


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