The God of Our Fathers

Recently, as I was reading the Bible, I found myself reading in Numbers. I was reading there because that’s how far I’ve gotten in my attempt to read through the Bible. I started earlier this year after a Conservative Friend recommended the practice to me. When I complained about Leviticus and Numbers, she said I might try to find if, even there, the text might speak to me. Continue reading


Tears in the Grocery Aisle

The following quote is from William Penn, “Some Fruits of Solitude” (1693) in Collection of Works, Vol 1, p. 821. DQC.  Quoted and sung in Timeless Quaker Wisdom in Plainsong by Paulette Meier.

“It would go a great way to caution and direct people in their use of the world if we understood more about the creation of it. For how could we find the confidence to abuse it, while we should see the Great Creator stare us in the face, in all and every part thereof?”

About five years after my spiritual opening, I found that I was often moved to tears of while shopping for groceries. Moving through the canyon-like isles full of goods lined up higher than my head, I grieved over what we humans have done. Continue reading

God is Already Here

Jesus revealed to the people, with stories the Romans couldn’t understand,
The empire of God is already here.
He was crucified.

Using rhetoric to defy convention, Paul challenged Gentile Jews,
Trust like the Anointed did; neither circumcision nor patronage ensures God’s favor.
He was martyred. Continue reading