Note Title Change: “A Call to Mystics” is now “A Call to Friends”

After writing Part III of the “A Call to Mystics” series, I realized that my perception of the “naming the spiritual condition of the world” leading had changed so significantly that a title change for the series was in order. As a result, I have retitled “A Call to Mystics” to “A Call to Friends.” I no longer believe that this leading is primarily for those Friends who will attend the 2nd Annual Gathering of Friendly Mystics or even for those Friends who consider themselves mystics.

While I believe that we need a gathering, that those of us who are mystics will have a unique role to play, and that we are inherently a mystical people, I believe this is a call to all Friends no matter how they self-identify, and those who would call us their friends. This is a call for us to return to our roots, even the Covenant.

We are the living remnant, a people not bound by apostolic succession nor reliant on the Book but a people who place their lives in the hands of a living God. We are called to live into our tradition so fully that we identify not only with early Friends and primitive Christians but put on their clothes and their lenses and step into the stream that they stood in and let it lead us on.

It does not flow backward but toward justice, to places we have never been, into the wilderness and eventually to the promised land of milk and honey, peace and plenty for all Peoples.


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