Of a sudden
my earthly being
betrayed me

Sprouting deadly disease

What am I to think

Am I to succumb

Or fight

Where is God in this

Back I go
seeking what I know

It is blessed to give
But giving needs receiving

For long I gave
and that was holy

Now I receive
which may be holier yet

I do not fear death
a coming home to Wondrous Love

I’d just as soon
dodge pain

But I can face it calmly
pushing me
into God’s arms

Why me I won’t know in this life
Look forward to understanding in the next

Mean time I will bask
in the care and love that surrounds me



Are we all so frail?

I heard a story about
Mother Theresa with a cold
being crabby with a visitor

That comforts me

In my spiritual youth
having seen You
I felt so special

And so like a worm
when I reflected
on the humongous diffrences
between You and I

Having matured
to understand a little

Greatly blessed,
I continue to be small

Subject to ecstasy
when I reach for you

And despair
over my puny efforts
to serve You

So much pain
yet no one listens

Thank you
for the support
of fellow travelers

Reminding me
that I have only to
do what I can

The work is mine

Outcomes are Yours


In the moments before sleep
my lonely soul

Covered over all day
Escaping myself

Till I’m alone
faced with me

Am I to be a mirage
evanescent as could’s shadow
skimming a meadow

No I say

I make choices
Am in control


Till pillowed head

Am what?